Maples donates $50K to YMCA

The Maples group is sponsoring YMCA Cayman Islands with a donation of CI$50,000 from the Maples Foundation.

“The YMCA is so very grateful to Maples for this generous donation, and their commitment to support our Islands is compelling,” said YMCA Chairman, Andrew Johnson. “The Y exists to make our community stronger, especially our young people, and we simply could not do this work without such strong support.”

Launched in June 2016, the Founders Campaign called on the Cayman community to assist the YMCA’s efforts to build capacity, expand its programs and increase awareness. With corporate donors such as the Maples group, the campaign was able to surpass its initial fundraising goal of $350,000.

Alasdair Robertson, global managing partner of Maples and Calder and chairman of MaplesFS, said “the Maples group is proud to lend its support toward initiatives that help to build a stronger and healthier community in the Cayman Islands and we look forward to the continued success of the YMCA.”