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Higgs & Johnson expands with addition of home-grown Associate, Ms. Allyson Speirs

On 19th July, 2017 Ms. Allyson Speirs was admitted to practise as an Attorney-at-Law in the Cayman Islands by the Honourable Mr. Justice Charles Quin QC on the application of Higgs & Johnson, Attorneys-at-Law.

From left: Mr. Philip Boni, Mr. John Harris, Ms. Allyson Speirs, Mr. Justice Quinn, Ms. Gina Berry

The admission application was made by Partner, Mr. John Harris, to whom Ms. Speirs had been principally assigned during her period of Articles at Higgs & Johnson. Mr. Harris led the Court through Allyson’s legal qualifications and satisfactory completion of Articles, which included a stint at Serle Court chambers in the U.K.

Mr. Justice Quin welcomed Ms. Speirs to the Roll of Cayman attorneys and recognised her many well-wishers in the audience which included her mother, Mrs. Beverley Speirs, other family and friends, and representatives of Higgs & Johnson. Mr. Justice Quin paid tribute to Allyson’s parents who had both made outstanding contributions to the Caymanian community and said he was certain that Allyson would continue in their footsteps and make an outstanding contribution at  Higgs & Johnson, with guidance from partners like Mr. Philip Boni and Ms. Gina Berry, who he noted were both present.

Ms. Speirs thanked the Court, Higgs & Johnson and her family members and other well-wishers in attendance. She said the occasion was bitter-sweet, as this milestone was one that her Dad, Fred Speirs, would have loved to witness and that she hoped she had made him proud. She thanked her mother, Beverley Speirs, for her unwavering support and belief in her, without which this accomplishment would not have been possible.

Higgs & Johnson’s Country Managing Partner, Ms. Gina Berry, indicated that the Firm was very happy to support Allyson during her period of Articles and even happier to now have Allyson, join the team as an Attorney-at-Law.  Ms. Berry said she looked forward Allyson continuing to blossom and spoke of Allyson’s intellect, enthusiasm and charm, which would continue to contribute to her success.