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Purpose, vision & strategy

The Law Society was formed to support and protect the character, status and interests of the legal profession in the Cayman Islands.

We aim to promote honourable practice in the legal profession, to repress malpractice therein and to decide all question of professional usage or courtesy amongst legal practitioners.

The Law Society considers all questions affecting the interests of the legal profession, initiates and watches over general measures affecting the profession; and if necessary petitions to the Government and legislative of the Cayman Islands, the judges and other persons and bodies in or out of the Cayman Islands.

We promote and appoint deputations in relation thereto and work towards procuring any changes of law or practice relating to legal matters and the promotion of improvements in the principles and administration of the law.

We encourage the study of law; promote information on legal subjects; and among other things create, maintain and/or manage a Benevolent Fund for the advancement or improvement of the status of legal practitioners in the Cayman Islands and of the persons employed by them.