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Career opportunities

A law degree provides flexibility in terms of career choices.  Although many lawyers choose to go down the traditional law firm path, a number of others find success as business owners, CEO’s and managers at large and small corporations, while others still become consultants, writers or forge careers in government.

Progressing your legal career: A 20 year journey

A law degree provides a variety of career options from corporate consulting to writer.  For those looking to take the traditional law firm route to partnership, the process does take time to establish your credentials and build up experience in order to successfully perform at this level.

From becoming a law student through to articles, this can take up to six years of study and work experience.  On qualification, progression from Junior to Senior Associate or Senior Counsel generally takes another ten or eleven years, by which time most law firms would consider your expertise and experience at the level to justify taking on the responsibilities of a partnership.

Many lawyers choose not to become Partners, and are extremely successful in their own right, however, if a partnership is your goal, it is important to understand the long-term career investment and hard work which is required.  These stringent milestones are important in the field of law to uphold the high standards of the profession.