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Disciplinary – what to do if you have a complaint

The Law Society is not a regulatory body. The Attorney General of the Cayman Islands, under the auspices of the Chief Justice, regulates attorneys-at-law in the Cayman Islands.

At the first instance, a complaint should be lodged with the Chief Justice with a copy to the Attorney General. Once this is done, the Chief Justice makes an assessment regarding the gravity of the complaint and decides what action should be taken. The matter could ultimately be referred to a disciplinary hearing presided over by a judge.

The Law provides that the attorney must be given notice of the complaint and an opportunity to call witnesses and to be heard.

[1] The judge has powers to suspend an attorney from practicing for a specified period or to strike him or her from the Court Roll entirely. [2] The penalty for striking from the Court Roll is reserved for matters of grave misconduct.Please note that any complaints with respect to the crown counsel are dealt with under the Public Sector Management Law.

Visit for more information regarding the Attorney General of the Cayman Islands.