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What a lawyer in Cayman can do for you

A lawyer serves to provide legal aid and counsel for any activity that might include a legal dimension. This is not only related to legal disputes, but advise on aspects of starting a business, engaging in a partnership, buying or selling a house, tax matters or estate and will planning.  In serious matters or events, it is best to talk to a lawyer.  These events can include:

  • Being arrested for a crime
  • Being served with legal papers or a lawsuit
  • Being involved in a serious accident causing injury or death
  • Property damage
  • Marriage, divorce, adoption, death
  • Real estate loss or gain
  • Starting a business or filing for bankruptcy.

Before deciding on a lawyer, it is useful to confirm whether the lawyer is willing to meet with you briefly or talk with you by phone so the two of you can get acquainted and ask about their expertise in the area you are seeking legal help. This meeting is a chance to talk with the lawyer before making a final hiring decision. In many cases, there is no fee charged for an initial consultation. However, to be on the safe side, ask about fees before setting up your first appointment.

You have a right to expect competent representation from your lawyer, however, you cannot always blame your lawyer if your case does not turn out the way you thought it would. If you are unhappy with your lawyer, it is important to determine the reasons. If, after a realistic look, you still believe that you have a genuine complaint about your legal representation you are able to do so through The Attorney General of the Cayman Islands.